Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How To Add Spray Mist Patterns To Your Scrapbook Pages

Good Afternoon! There was an error yesterday that stopped our weekly Layout Tuesday feature from posting to our blog. Therefore, we've added a tutorial to the layout and sketch that was scheduled. If you've collected a few bottles of spray mist or been curious on how to incorporate it into your projects, we've got some info and step-by-step instructions just for you!

Here's the layout we created this week: 

Between the three photos on this sketch are three grungy patterns in bold colors. Read on to see how we created this look. 

You'll need to gather some supplies. The spray mists we used in this layout were from Tattered Angels. We used Blitzen, Dreamsicle, and Snowy Pine Glimmer Mist. There are many brands of spray mists to choose from... use whatever you have on hand. In addition to Glimmer Mist, we carry and love working with Adirondack Color Wash, a matte mist.

You'll also need paper and a mat to protect your surface. We cut our paper pieces to the size we needed for our layout and used Inkssentials Non-Stick Craft Sheet

To create patterns with the mist, you will need to gather some stencils. Glimmer Mist will easily wipe or wash off with water. The stencil we've used on this layout is from Pink Paislee.

Place the stencil over the surface you wish to spray. If using Glimmer Mist or a spray with glitter or glimmer particles in the ink, remember to shake your bottle in a right and left motion. Shaking the bottle up and down will cause the particles to clog in the mister. Holding the bottle at an almost upright position rather than horizontally will also prevent the mister from clogging. 

Starting off the paper, mist from left to right, not getting too close to the paper. This will create a nice, even cover of mist. If you look at the images below, you will see the difference between holding the bottle farther away from your paper vs. close to the paper. Getting too close and creating a heavy mist will saturate your paper and cause the mist to travel under the stencil. 

Wait a few seconds for the mist to soak into your paper before lifting up the stencil. You can also use a paper towel to dap any large drops of mist. From this point you can wipe off your stencil and mat, but why not use all that excess mist?

Let's turn that stencil into a stamp! There are two ways to transfer the mist from your stencil. The first: Flip the stencil over and lay it onto another piece of paper. Use a tweezers to press down the various parts to ensure a proper stamp. The second: Place the stencil onto the craft sheet with the misted side facing up. Place your paper onto the area of the stencil you wish to use. Use your fingers or a brayer to transfer the full image (see photo below). 

Here is the difference in pattern:
Isn't that neat?! Another way to use excess mist on your mat is with the Drag Technique. In this technique you simply drag your paper through the mist on your craft sheet. You can also place it directly onto the mist-filled mat and lift up. Keep dragging, dropping, and moving the paper through the mist until you have a look that you like. See the two techniques below:

For the layout we shared with you today, we combined a few of the techniques. First, we stamped the pattern using a stencil. Then we dragged the edges of each piece in the Snowy Pine Glimmer Mist that was left on the mat. To add even more grunge, we placed each paper directly onto a few drops of leftover mist too.

Here's the final result:

Allow the paper to air dry or dry with a heat tool. Our favorite for drying mists is the Inkssentials Heat It Craft Tool. The Inkssentials Craft Sheet is heat resistant and works well with this tool. While drying the mist, your paper may begin to curl. Simply heat the backside and notice your paper flatten! 

You can now add your pieces to your scrapbook page as you've officially created your own, unique patterned paper! 

We added a few mistables to our layout as well. The dragonfly is a self-adhesive Glimmer Chip from Tattered Angels, and the 'july' was created with Idea-ology Grungeboard Alphas. We sprayed the letters and dragonfly with Charcoal Chalkboard Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels. 

Use your spray mists on die cuts, chipboard, grungeboard, paper flowers, ribbons, and more! 

And we didn't forget to add a breakdown of our layout. We'd love to see your take on today's sketch as well as you've incorporated spray mist patterns into your next layout!

We hope you've found today's post inspiring. Happy crafting!

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