Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

It takes a special guy to handle life at a craft store, and we couldn't be more proud, honored, or blessed to have this one. If you've hung around Creations Galore long enough, you're sure to have seen our "maintenance man" Scott. He's husband to Lori and dad to Nicole. As our favorite person, we couldn't help but share a few photos and publicly wish him a Happy Father's Day. 

Thanks for putting up with our crazy ideas, helping us with our projects, fixing burning lights, climbing up tall ladders, killing bugs, mowing the lawn, bringing us food, entertaining us, and the thousand other things you do for us and this little company. You're the best. Enjoy your day!

With Nicole, teaming up for a friendly water fight.

With our other favorite dad, Lori's son Ryan and his twin boys.

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