Thursday, June 12, 2014

Print Multiple Image on One Photo - PicMonkey Edition

Hello Paper Crafters! Nicole, here, excited to share with you how I create smaller photos for my layouts. I am a huge fan of the 3x4 inch size. Therefore, I edit all of my photos before printing, cropping and resizing them accordingly. Using the smaller photo size has allowed me to include more photos and have additional room for embellishing. 

There are many photo editing programs you can use to resize your photographs. My personal favorite is Photoshop. The program can be intimidating if you're planning to use the program for small edits. That's why I'm sharing my go-to FREE program for editing and resizing photos - PicMonkey. It's my top recommendation to customers and paper crafters looking to make quick photo collages. 

When you head over to the PicMonkey site, hit the Collage option. Most frequently, I print (2) 3x4 photos on (1) 4x6. This program will allow you to do that and more! 

Upon hitting the Collage option, you'll be prompted to choose the photos you wish to print. In the photo below, I've chosen two photos I plan to print in the 3x4 format. 

A screen with collage cells should appear. Below the collage, unlock the proportions button. If you skip this step, your collage will stay square. Next, size the photo to 1800x1200. This is the correct pixel ratio for a 4x6 photo. 

Simply drag and drop your photos into the cells. It's really that easy! You can add any number of photos you would like. As you drag more photos onto the collage, more cells will appear. 

For today's tutorial, we want to finish with only two photos. No problem! Just delete one of the original cells by clicking the "x" on the top right of the cell. 

Need to make a few adjustments to the photos in each cell? You'll find an "edit" button on the top left of each cell. Zoom in, rotate, move, or brighten the photo. 

Here, I could have rotated the landscape photo on the right to include the entire image. However, I'm choosing to keep it in this orientation. Who doesn't love options?!

Next, hit the palate option on the very left hand side of the screen. Move the spacing option all the way to zero. This will remove the white borders. 

Here's how the photo will look after removing the borders. Perfect! 

That's not all the PicMonkey Collage program can do for you! How about adding a journaling square or color block? Simply click the swatches option on the left hand side to add textures, patterns, or solid color to one of the cells.

You can also choose to edit the entire photo by clicking the edit option on the top of your screen. Please note: Once you click this edit option, you will not be able to move around the cells. 

Here you can easily turn the photo to black and white... Or choose a variety of filters.

You can even add doodles, overlays, labels, and text. 

When you have the photo just how you'd like it to print, simply click "save" on the top of your screen. Save it to your computer, upload it to a photo lab such as Snapfish or Walgreens, and get ready for awesome prints! You'll only be charged for (1) 4x6 photo. When the photos arrive, leave as is or cut them at the cell seams. Now it's time to start scrapping! 


  1. Thanks so much for this tip!!!!! Can't wait to try it and I love picmonkey already!!!!! This is gonna save so much money too!!

    1. Glad we could help, Jen! And you're so right...Printing out only one photo instead of two and cropping them down!

  2. Thanks, Nicole, for taking the time to do this tutorial. I can't wait to give it a try--I was always wondering how to do this! Picmonkey sounds great! Thanks again, Stacy