Monday, January 6, 2014

Beat The Cold - Indoor Crafts For You & The Kids

Good morning! Here in Wisconsin the windchill is -43, and schools have closed. That means the kids are home inside for the day. Creations Galore was kindly asked by Local 5 Live, our local news station, to gather together a few activities using items from around the house. We had so much fun putting together the crafts and know you will too! The internet is an amazing resource. We searched around and found a tutorial for each craft we shared. Click the link next to each activity and HAVE FUN!

1. Beads made from newspaper or magazines - Substitute the paper beads for pasta to make a fun necklace! View the tutorial here.

2. Singing Straws - Create a house band! See the tutorial here.

3. Drums from coffee cans, boxes, or pans - Grab the covers of your pans to create symbols. And don't forget the guitar! Visit this site to see how to make one out of cereal boxes and rubber bands.

4. Paper Lunch Bag Albums - Find the tutorial here

5. Thumb Print Doodles - Create creatures from your fingerprints. A simple search online brings up lots of ideas. Illustrate and write your own book!

6. Create your own stamps by carving shapes or letters into a potato. Don't have one? Cut an apple in half and you instantly have a star. Celery will create a rose. See more ideas here.

7. Get a head start on Valentine's. Pull out your construction paper, scissors, and markers. Let the kids create. Here's a great tutorial for turning a simple heart into an adorable fox!

We hope you all stay safe and warm! Creations Galore will continue to stay open for your paper crafting needs, but why leave the house if you don't have to? Enjoy one of the tutorials above, and have fun crafting with the kids! We'd love to see what you create. Post a picture to our Facebook page!

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