Tuesday, December 3, 2013

ON SALE: The Original Scrapbox

Need more storage? Looking to get organized? Look no further than The WorkBox. Made by The Original Scrapbox, it will optimize prime real estate in your home, saving you time, money, space, and your sanity! Your time is precious, and it should be spent creating, not searching for your tools and supplies.

Take advantage of the Christmas Special and save 15% on The WorkBox, as well as receive FREE shipping! Act now - The sale ends Sunday, December 8th at 11:59 PM. Shop available WorkBoxes, and store your stuff in style! Watch the video below to watch the system in action:

Pull out the boxes and bags from your closets. Gather the piles from your tables and counters. Arrange it all into your perfectly sized canvas drawer totes and onto 86 adjustable shelves. 

You'll be amazed by how much stuff you can fit in The WorkBox. Before you know it, your room will be transformed from chaos and clutter to pristine and productivity. Experience the artistic freedom that can only come from having all of your tools organized, visible, and within arm's reach. 

You can even transform your artistic social life. Put the supplies that you like to take with you in the zippered Velcro pouches. Then on your way out the door, pull the pouches off the Velcro wall, and you're ready to go. Sturdy caster wheels allow you to move your workspace wherever you need it. 

Closed, the WorkBox is just 3 feet wide. Opened, the patented bi-fold door system reveals an amazing 9 feet of organized storage space, and the sturdy fold out desk inside provides 6 square feet of work space. Position the doors around you in a U-shape (5.5 feet across), and all of your stuff will be right at your fingertips. Your supplies are visible through the transparent zippered pouches and see-through drawer fronts. 

Easy ways to shop:
  1. Call us at (920) 983-0033 to order yours today! We're available to answer your questions and quickly order your WorkBox. 
  2. Visit our Online Store. All the styles of WorkBoxes shown in today's post are available in our online store by clicking this link. 
  3. Stop by our showroom. Visit us at 3164 Coronet Way in Green Bay, Wisconsin where The WorkBox is assembled and ready for you to view. We'll help you discover its many benefits and features. 
Take advantage of this great Christmas special before Sunday, December 8th at 11:59PM to take 15% off The WorkBox and enjoy FREE Shipping! 

Regular Price $1595.00 Sale $1355.75

Regular Price $1595.00 Sale $1355.75

Regular Price $1795.00 Sale $1555.75

Regular Price $1595.00 Sale $1355.75

Regular Price $1595.00 Sale $1355.75

Full WorkBox Dimensions:
CLOSED: When the WorkBox is closed it measures...
Inches: 36" wide x 31" deep x 72" high
Feet: 3 feet wide x 2.58 feet deep x 6 feet high

OPENED: When fully opened, the WorkBox measures...
Inches: 108" wide x 18" deep x 72" high
Feet: 9 feet wide x 1.5 feet deep x 6 feet high

Table Top Dimensions:
The pull out table when out, measures...
Inches: 36" wide x 24" D
Feet: 3 feet wide x 2 feed deep

Included Beige Canvas Totes:
TWO (2): 6" width x 12" length x 12" high
SIXTEEN (16): 12.25" width x 12.25" length x 3" high
TEN (10): 12.25" width x 12.25" length x 5.5" high
TWENTY-SIX (26): 2 3" width x 12" length x 3" high
TWENTY (20): 5.5" width x 12" length x 4.5" high
Total: 74

Included Clear Zipper Pouch Sizes:
TWO (2):13" x 13" large pouches
SIX (6): 13" x 6" medium pouches
TWELVE (12): 6" x 6" small pouches
Total: 20

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