Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let's Get SMASH-ing!

Hello bloggers! Today we're sharing our love for the SMASH books from K&Company. You must check out their blog to see what others are SMASH-ing! 

To start off our list of products, we present to you the Mini SMASH Journal. It is the same size as the Mini SMASH Folio but is entirely different. We were unable to locate any pictures on K&Company's website or the SMASH Blog... so we took a few pictures of this adorable book for you!

Mini SMASH Book

How cute is that?! Here are more SMASH products currently available at Creations Galore:

Paper SMASH Tabs

Pink SMASH Stick

Metal Retro SMASH Clips

Black Mod SMASH Folio

Folder SMASH Pockets

Nice Tie SMASH Mark

Birdie SMASH Mark

Calendar SMASH Pockets

Simple Style SMASH Folio

Blue SMASH Stick

Red Doodle Smash Folio

Travel SMASH Pad

Flag SMASH Clips

SMASH Captions

International SMASH Folio

Date SMASH Stamp

Red & Blue SMASH Stickies

Fabric SMASH Tabs

Secret SMASH Pockets

Family SMASH Pad

Pretty Pink SMASH Folio

Entertainment SMASH Pad

Blue SMASH Bands

Blank Smash Pad

Black Smash Stick

Retro Blue Smash Folio

Black Dots SMASH Tape

Special Occasions SMASH Pad

2 of Us SMASH Pad
Write In SMASH Stickies

Haven't heard about the SMASH Book from K&Company? Watch the video below...

We've been SMASH-ing away here at Creations Galore. I find it's perfect for all those things I don't usually scrapbook - receipts, cell phone pictures that can sometimes be a little blurry, doodles, personal thoughts and more! It's art journaling, scrapbooking, and inspiration boards all put into one crazy adorable book! Stop in and see what all this fuss is about!

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