Thursday, April 2, 2015

Document It: Technology

It seems like our phones, computers, and even televisions notify us daily about a new software update. Technology changes, and it changes fast. Children born this year may never hold a landline telephone in their hands. They may never experience the act of calling a friend and hearing a busy signal. How crazy is that? Knowing how fast devices and the way we use them change, we feel an urge to document these things. This morning we've gathered just a few ideas on how you can document the technology in your life.

1. What devices can be found in your home? Who do they belong to? How often are the used and what for? Snapping a photo or two and asking these questions is a great place to start.

2. Snap a picture of your computer, television, phone, or tablet while you're listening to music or a podcast, reading a book, or chatting with a friend. You'll document more than just technology - your interests. 

3. Generations before us would be amazed at the idea of video-chatting with someone in a different country with the touch of a button. While generations after us might be amazed at how slow and outdated this technology is. Document the devices and apps that you use daily and may take for granted.

4. Do you have an app that makes life easier? Include screenshots or photos of them. We have books, newspapers, calendars, recipes, budgets, cameras, and more in the palm of our hands. 

5. Similar to number four, document the apps or technology you're obsessed with. Certain games make their way into popular culture. Add the little piece of history into your family's album. 

6. Don't forget to journal the details. Did you work months to save enough money to purchase an electronic? Did you spend an entire week on your couch watching every cat video in YouTube? Did you get so excited over a smart TV that you kicked over the Christmas tree? Include your feelings on  and the stories associated with today's technology right along with the pictures. 

What memory will you make today? Document it. See more of our prompts here.

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