Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quick Tip: Flower Soft Upcycle

Where are all my Flower Soft lovers? We have a quick tip to use while creating Flower Soft bundles. Haven't heard of Flower Soft? It's a wonderful product that will create a 3D effect and bring your cards to life. You sprinkle Flower Soft over glue like glitter, creating texture. It's perfect for snow scenes, nature, animals, and flower arrangements. You can see some examples here.

Today, however, I'm talking about flower bundles. Here's a few samples found in our store:

These bundles are quite easy to create. Flower Soft makes affordable wires that can be cut with any scissors and easily bent - No pliers or jewelry tools needed. Cut the wires to size, add tacky glue, sprinkle Flower Soft, and allow it to dry. 

Here's where we insert our tip of the day! You don't want to set the wire on your table or craft mat with the risk of gluing it to your surface. And no one wants to hold a wire upright for 10 minutes while it dries! Our solution? Place the end without Flower Soft into an old sponge or leftover packaging: 

The first picture is a small piece of foam placed in the bottom of most embossing folder packages. The second is the foam decorative brads are packaged in - This one already comes with holes! You can set your wire pieces nicely into the foam, allowing you to save time and have perfectly round, covered wires. 

How do you store your wires while drying? Do you have any other uses for packaging supplies? We'd love to hear any fun tips you have! 

If this post left you curious about Flower Soft, we encourage you to stop into the store or take a class. We'd love to teach you more about this great product! 

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