Thursday, July 14, 2011

Interactive Stamping Tutorial

I've received many questions in regards to last week's Make N Take and how to create the image. Therefore... IT'S TUTORIAL TIME! You too can create a similar image using the interactive stamps from Stamps By Judith. 

Score your 8.5" x 5.5" cardstock at 4.25". I used A Muse Cardstock -- colored on one side, white on the other -- perfect for handmade cards. No need for text inserts!

Adhere the patterned paper (4" x 5.25") to the front of the card. My favorite adhesive is the MyStik Permanent Adhesive. Refillable, adjustable comfort grip, and super duper PERMANENT! 

I colored the image using Copic markers; therefore picked appropriate ink and paper. For today's card, I used Memento Tuxedo Black ink and Paper Cut White. Stamp the image first on a white piece of cardstock (3.25" x 4.25") and a second time on scrap paper. 

Cut out the image stamped on scrap paper to use as a mask.

Use the Judith Grass stamp multiple times while using the mask and a few times without to create layers of grass. 

Replace mask and stamp the Judith Sm. Hollyhock twice. 

Stamp the Judith Stick Weed on each side of the flowers. 

Finish by stamping the Judith Tall Daisy several times. 

Start by coloring the basket. For new Copic users: Look for the gray band on one side of the markers. It identifies which side has the brush nib and eliminates the annoyance of opening the cap, discovering the chisel, recapping, and opening the other end :)

I start by adding the darkest color (E37) in the areas where the light will hit last. As well as next to the vertical lines of the basket. 

Add the medium color (E35) next, blending it with the darker color.

Finish with the lightest color (E33).

Repeat to color in the handle and top of basket. Add E37 right under the top of basket to create shadows, as well as touch up the vertical lines of the basket if they were lightened during blending.

I've mentioned several times on our little blog that the COLORLESS BLENDER DOES NOT BLEND! :) But it creates some great special effects and highlights. For this card, I made several lines with the Colorless Blender along the vertical lines, to the top of the basket and to the top of the handle to create highlights. 

It's now time to color in the rest of the image. As you can see, I like to mix and match my Copic marker styles. I store all my markers together horizontally in a small cabinet with six pull out drawers (divided by color family). Because of that, I prefer the Ciao markers, which have a much more visible number on the body of the marker. Which marker style do you fancy?

I didn't do too much blending for the flowers. To color the daisy, I added a circle of Y08 to the center and colored in the rest with the Y02. 

I used the same technique with the hollyhock. I added a dot of the V17 and then colored in the rest with the V12. I blended any noticeable dark dots with the V15.

Next I used the G21 to trace over all of the stems.

I used the standard fine nib on the Original Copic marker in G29 and G24 to color the blades of grass. The fine nib is nice for writing or adding straight lines. However, you can use any Copic marker style.

I finished blending the two grass colors with the G21 and added more of the G29 to the grass at the bottom and right side of basket for shading.

Now that your image is stamped and colored, used Distress Ink in Dusty Concord and the foam applicator tool to color the edges of your white cardstock.

To do this, first add a piece of foam to the velcro on the applicator tool (this tool can also hold felt for alcohol inks). Lightly tap the tool to your distress ink pad.

Starting off the paper, work in small circles toward the center of the cardstock. Add as much or as little of the ink to create the border you prefer. 

For this card, I wanted a significant purple border. Therefore, I dragged the edges of the cardstock along the ink pad to get some added definition. 

Adhere image to the front of your card. Next I added a sentiment from Just Rite's Fancy Tags Cling Set.

Add your sentiment using foam risers, write a greeting on the inside, and ship it off to a dear friend.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it has inspired you to start stamping! 

For more information on Copic markers and how to blend, check out our upcoming Copic 101 class on Saturday, July 23rd. 

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